5th D|Y|O FORUM 2019, Athens 8th Semi marathon & Beauty Day

Three parallel festivals of beauty, health, sports and wellness in the center of the city, open to all, on March 15 and 16, 2019, at the Zappeion Megaron, Athens!

Greece » Athens

For the 5th consecutive year the D|Y|O FORUM, the Institution, embraced by thousands of scientists, health professionals, individuals and businesses, opens its doors on 15 and 16 March 2019, at Zappeion, with free admission, promoting Hippocrates' theory which is based on prevention through exercise and nutrition while giving emphasis to beauty, well-being and balance of body and soul.

From this year onwards, D|Y|O FORUM and the 8th Athens Semi Marathon to be held on Sunday 17 March 2019 in the center of the city by SEGAS and the Municipality of Athens, join forces, creating two parallel celebrations in the center of Athens, linking health and sports and offering a unique spring experience, which emphasizes the "together", companionship, prevention, well-being, exercise and entertainment. At the same time, Beauty Day, the institution established by the Pan-Hellenic Association of Cosmetics and Cosmetic Manufacturers Association, unites its own dynamics with that of the big institution of the D|Y|O FORUM as they share a common purpose: promoting beauty and health care, in the country where beauty was born and raised in the face of the goddess Aphrodite.

A great Beauty & Health Festival, with Free Entrance and thousands of professionals and consumers, you should not miss!


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