Eight artists, 4 coaches, one great final! Οn Thursday 20/12/2018 at 21:00 at SKAI TV

THE VOICE OF GREECE, the music talent show, a production of Acun Medya, presented by George Kapoutzidis is heading to the end. On Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th of December the two semifinals took place and eight players were selected to compete in the big final next week to claim the big prize which is a gold record contract and a car. The players who passed to the final are:

Lemonia Beza and Maria Ieronimaki from the team of Kostis Maraveyas, Marina Tzianwirth and Louis Panagiotou from the team of Sakis Rouvas, Ariadni Neophytou, Claudia Papadopoulou and Alexis Prevenas from the team of Elena Paparizou and Zachos Karabassis from Panos Mouzouraki's team. The final competition of above 8 players will take place on Thursday 20 December at 21:00. The presenter of the show, George Kapoutzidis, will as usually open the final with a text he prepares for the "criticism" of the judges that is expected to make us cry from laughter!

Who will be the winner this year as the best voice of Greece? We shall see it in a few days….on Thursday 20/12 at SKAI TV! Stay tuned…


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