POWER OF LOVE 2019- SKAI TV Reality Show -June 21, 2019 the Grand Final!

“Power of Love 2”,  the subversive reality show presented from January 2019, for the second time, on the Greek TV, in SKAI channel, is coming to the end. The Grand Final is due to be shown next Friday on June 21st. The social experiment aimed at love seems to have failed in this year's game since some days before its Final only one couple is in erotic relationship inside the house (Pavlos Terzopoulos and Renia Tsakiri). Some of the players were in love for a while, others tried to be in love but eventually did not match and others decided to live the love out of the house of the game. With many intrigues, many quarrels, many intense and sentimental moments, with two voluntary retreats, with a very sad fact the death of last year's winner Panos Zarlas (who was recently killed in an accident with his motorcycle), but also with strong friendships created among some players, the “Power of Love” was once again an unforgettable adventure for those who participated.

Although the players voted for those who want to go to the final, most important is the vote of the television audience judging the 2 final winners (a man and a woman) who will win the 10,000 EUR!
The “spoilers” give eight names for the players who will be to the final: Anna Eleftheriou, Renia Tsakiri, Zenia Soldatou, Regina Gaina, Pavlos Papadopoulos, Pavlos Terzopoulos, Johnny Abatzopoulos and Vasilis Chalkias. To see the final winner... stay tuned in Power of Love on Friday 21th June, at 21:00, for the glamorous Final Gala, in SKAI TV!

You can vote for your favorite player at the following link: http://poweroflove.tv/

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