Greek-Turkish Production

"SURVIVOR 2018" the ultimate survival game for the second year on SKAI TV, Sunday to Thursday at 21:00!

"SURVIVOR", the great production of Acun Media Greece, which is being shown in SKAI TV, in Greece, for the second consecutive year, has even this year a very high audience volume. The game has reached the critical point of joining the two groups-Fighters and Famous- into one and is now becoming even more interesting. According to rumors, the game is going to be extended until July 15th. During the game and until the final episode some overturning of the game and many surprises are expected as the production provides always new inexhaustible findings and race tests, trying to raise the intensity and interest of both the viewers and the players. The players who are still in the game are the best ones and seem to be determined and passionate for the victory.

Since it is one of the biggest and most demanding productions, Survivor 2018 is shown on Skai TV five times a week, from Sunday to Thursday, after the central news bulletin, presenting every single moment of all the tribulations and adversities faced by the players in their effort to claim the much-needed immunity that will ensure their stay in the game and lead one of them to the final victory and the remarkable prize of 100,000. - EURO.

The TV trip to the Caribbean continues and, full of unique images, shots and surprises, has now reached its most interesting stage. This TV Reality Show drives us into a unique survival adventure and needs our interactive participation as the biggest percentage of the final results is judged by the vote of the public!  Stay tuned ...  don’t miss what is coming.....



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