6th Beach Front- New Catwalk-Fashion Show 2020 with the Literature as Theme

A different but very impressive fashion show is organized and this year for the 6th time in Thessaloniki!

Greece » Thessaloniki

Date: Wednesday 16 September 2020

Venue: Thessaloniki Concert Hall – Square, Thessaloniki-Greece

Time: 18.30

Tickets: Admission free (invitations are available electronically or from the ticket offices of TCH)

Organization: Thessaloniki Concert Hall - Filoi Neas Paralias

For 6th consecutive year, the New Beach Front of Thessaloniki, at the Square of the city's Concert Hall, will be the meeting point of the "Friends of Nea Paralia" with the Thessalonians for the Fashion Show "Nea Passarela", with costumes inspired by Literature! This top event which is a different fashion show, with clothes made from recycled materials, will take place on Wednesday 16 September 2020, at 6:30 pm, in the square of the Concert Hall, outdoors. It is about creations made with recyclable materials as: plastic bags, popcorn, spools, feathers, sacks of all kinds, wrapping and packaging papers, mosquito nets, shells, sailing sails, bark from tree trunks, leaflets, newspapers, balloons, knitting machine cones, cables, lamps and whatever else can give the designers the inspiration they need to amaze their audience. Great writers of Greek and world literature inspire the designers with their texts, while images of protagonists and heroes of their books will flood the outdoor area of Thessaloniki’s Concert Hall. The award-winning French architect Bernard Cuomo is the artistic curator of the event and, with the cooperation of the dancer Rodoula Guliamberi and her team, will present to us the show. The event is under the auspices of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, with the following sponsors: ANAKEM SA, HELLENIC RECYCLING COMPANY (EEAA), TIF-HELEXPO and THE MODERNIST HOTEL.

The following designers are participating: Nikos Glavinas, Nikos Karagiannidis, Kristi Argyropoulou, Ourania Afentouli, Eleni Chiotaki Our Workshop, Eleftheria Filokosta, Vasiliki Apostolidou, Anna Pantelidou, Anna Pantelikos, Anthi Gianlenopou Nanti Giannopou Milosis, Sofia Georgiadou, Angeliki Taliadourou, "Techniesa", Sofia Boboridou, Petroula Georgiadou, Sofia Vyzoviti, Elena Snezana Krstic, Vasiliki Mikrou, Sofia Psilopoulou, Sofia Voulala, Anastasia Velissaropoulou, Bernard Cuomo, Athanasios Vassiliadis.

The event will be held in accordance with the Covid-19 restrictions of the Ministry of Health and the National Organization of Public Health that apply today for assuring the protection and safety of the participants!


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