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Cafe-Bar-Restaurant in Hortiatis of Thessaloniki


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In Hortiatis, the closest mountainous area of Thessaloniki, in the Palitzia Estate, perched on a mountain slope, at the edge of the forest there is an impressive stone building, an atmospheric, stylish and idyllic restaurant, “AELIOS PETRA”.

With a breathtaking view, with Thessaloniki and Thermaikos spreading to your feet, with the magnificent colors of the mountain around it, AELIOS PETRA is the new-this year's- addition to the city's gastronomic galaxy. The restaurant, open all year round, morning, noon, afternoon and evening, depending of the season and the time you visit it, offers you an each time different experience. In the winter with snow, dressed in white, in the spring with the green trees and the marvelous aromas of the mountain, in the summer with the coolness of the forest, the beautiful sunsets and the romantic full moons and in autumn with the unique natural carpets of the yellow and the red falling is always amazing. Always in a stunning can go there for a nice breakfast or brunch, a lunch or dinner or just for a coffee or drink while enjoying the spectacular views from everywhere, from the courtyards, from its terraces, even from the windows when staying inside...Stone and wood are predominant in all its spaces, outside and inside. Its interior space, built and decorated with a special design, exudes a sense of luxury, elegance and warmth while its exterior space has a large courtyard and beautiful balconies. It is the perfect place for families with children but also for romantic appointments. It is also ideal to organize there a party, a wedding or baptismal reception, a business meeting or just to impress your friends by inviting them to a special place.

The restaurant has excellent Mediterranean cuisine with delicious dishes, with familiar tastes executed with creativity and imagination. They use meticulously selected pure ingredients from local producers as well as from the garden of the restaurant that produces fine herbs while the variety of their wines, from Greek estates and wineries, is also of best quality. The entire above make a quality set of meals and drinks ready to satisfy even the most demanding visitors... at reasonable prices of a regular everyday restaurant!

AELIA RESTAURANT, located on the mountain of Hortiatis, is the "new gem" of Thessaloniki that is ready - following the philosophy and the dreams of its founders- to offer the devotees of true taste a truly unique gastronomic experience with a breathtaking view ... Don’t miss to visit it and to discover its flavors by yourself!

Working hours

  • Monday-Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday-Thursday: Open from 10: 00-23:00
  • Friday - Saturday: Open from 10:00-00:00
  • Sunday: Open from 10: 00-22:00
Coffee Break Menu, Dinner, Breakfast, Mediterranean Cuisine, Brunch, Lunch
Open all year around
PALITZIA ESTATE, 2nd Side Road Anemomilon, 57010 Hortiatis-Greece
+30 2310358880
+30 6970234123
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