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The Dance can open up for you new worlds of knowledge, creativity and self-expression. With the dance people learn to solve problems, express feelings, cooperate in a team, accept and value individual differences, gain an awareness of their own and other’s cultures and engage in an activity that increases self-esteem.

All Star Dance school is active for the last 22 years, having won many awards in professional and athletic dancing. The last six years, All Star Dance is the Champion School in Greece and has won the most championships and festivals in the categories of Latin & Standard, Hip Hop, Modern, Oriental, Arg.Tango.

However, our professional experience is not restricted only to the Athletic Dance, our school is also honoured for the absolutely successful preparation of professional dance-teachers, certifiyng them for their dance-knowledges.

Nevertheless, the most important element in our successful dance-journey are our amateur students who , with love and loyalty, support our work,  participating in many annual events and performances of our school, giving us the opportunity to gradually introduce the MAGIC OF DANCE (racing, professional and amateur) to almost everybody, adults and children.

Just get up... Come here to dance… Take our hand… Trust us... You can do it!


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