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We were calling it "swing" and all kids were making their own swings, hanging them up on the trees and using them for playing. They were swinging, falling down and standing up over and over again, acting carefree in the open air. An old fabric, two wooden sticks  and rope were the necessary materials and the swing was ready in a couple of minutes. Most of the ropes were being cut off, the fabrics were usually getting torn apart, but the children were not giving up and new stronger swings were replacing the old ones.

As the years passed, the swing became a hammock/hanging chair, a commercial product manufactured now by experts. High quality, modern design and comfort are the most important characteristics of our products. In our store you can find hammocks for single or family use, hammocks of any kind, in different sizes, colours and designs. They are suitable for both personal or professional use. Our goal is to offer you the relaxing carefree moments of the past, adjusted to modern life's needs and demands.

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