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Our story begins in 1875 in Silivri of Istanbul, the city that in 1922 our grandfather  Anestis Babatzimopoulos was forced to leave because of the compulsory exchange of people and move to...Chrisoupoli, Kavala.

Ouzo Bambatzim: a 142-year old recipe of grandfather Anestis. Following the tradition, we continue distilling, reaching the fourth generation of the BABATZIM family.

"Bambatzim" distillery counts 142 years of tradition in the distillation of Ouzo and Tsipouro. It traveled from Istanbul to Chrisoupoli, taking with it all the secrets of the best and most aromatic ouzo and tsipouro and keeps on the tradition, producing  ouzo, tsipouro, cognac and liqueur with the same love and the same, unique recipe of its founder.


The name "Babatzim" in Turkish means "respected father" or "daddy" and it was given to grandfather Anestis by his own workers, who called him so, because of their profound appreciation towards his personality. In 1922, leaving behind the lost homelands grandfather Anestis took his family and came to Chrisoupolis where he continued with the same passion the ouzo production. Indeed, in 1938, BABATZIM ouzo was awarded for its quality at Thessaloniki's International Fair with the gold medal. After the death of Anestis Babatzim, business was handed over his children, after his grandchildren and finally today the fourth generation of the family.

The BABATZIM family continues with great care to produce the exceptional Constantinopolitan Ouzo in traditional handmade cauldrons distilling in the same traditional way just like before.. and that is what makes Ouzo's recipe "BABATZIM" travel unchanged in time , preserving its unique aroma, its wonderful flavor and its unsurpassed quality.

Offices: Ag. Dimitriou 4 Chrisoupoli / Greece
Factory: 1st km Chrisoupoli-Keramoti / Greece
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