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Water is the most essential ingredient for life after oxygen and very important for our good health. Insufficient water intake can lead to dehydration and affect important functions of human body such as: metabolism, energy production, mental mood, spiritual clarity and  it can cause: fatigue, energy shortage, constipation, obesity, cholesterol, premature aging, dry skin, cardiovascular diseases, hypotension or hypertension, indigestion problems and more ....

However, special attention must be paid to the quality of the water we drink, it must be clear and of good quality, it must contain all the necessary ingredients (sufficient minerals and salts, amino acids and proteins, vitamins, enzymes, etc.). Otherwise, poor quality water could aggravate our health rather than improve it.

"Beles" water comes out of the springs of the Beles Mountains, more exactly from the area of Agistro Serres, which is about 500 meters away from the Bulgarian borders. The area, known from the Byzantine period, is famous for its springs of hot and cold waters.

In this privileged location, we have built our production unit, equipping it with the finest machinery in the world (from the Italian company SIPA), capable of producing 14,000 bottles per hour and certified with: ISO 9001: 200 and ISO 22000: 2005 (HACCP). We can offer packages for all requirements, from 0.5l to 2l, and we are the only ones in Greece possessing the ability to produce a square bottle.

The quality characteristics of our water are among the best in the world!

We carry out our production with great responsibility; we are making our best to be accurate in the delivery of our goods but first of all, we act with absolute RESPECT TO HUMAN HEALTH!

We are interested in expanding our business abroad; we are mostly looking for representatives in TURKEY!


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