Christina Lappa



Greece » Thessaloniki

Christina Lappa was born in Venezuela, where most of its projects are inspired from. Since 1994  she has been living in Greece, where she is occupied with the architecture and decoration of houses and commercial premises.

Her art is characterized by bright colors and contrasts, while the source of her inspiration is the tropical beauty of her homeland, along with its people, the habits and the nature of Latin America. Her works exude a light and a mobility, a constant frenzy that attracts the eye. Lanky female figures, colorful birds, tropical landscapes and mysterious combinations of themes and color schemes take the viewer's eye to exotic destinations, resting him from the monotony of everyday life.

Christina Lappa cares to share her art with the world through her participation in exhibitions and art festivals, while her paintings are always available to all those who wish to see them or buy them through her personal website.

Thessaloniki, Greece
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