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LEROS is the island of Artemis, the goddess of nature and hunt and it is a small paradise in the blue waters of the Aegean. It is a lovely verdant island with a big variety of natural settings and, through its history, it is traveling you in the past... Leros Island is located between Patmos and Kalymnos in the South Aegean Sea and belongs to the Dodecanese complex. It has multiple coves and bays and it seems unspoiled and untouched by the modern mass tourism practices. The island’s proximity to Turkey (just 7 nautical miles) along with the connection network of ships and planes with the surrounding islands and nearby Turkey’s coast makes it very attractive to the tourists who are seeking an authentic and original “Greek vacation”. Leros has many sights: The imposing pre-Byzantine Castle, ancient churches and museums, distinguished neoclassical houses of the nobles that match with the white and blue traditional houses of the island. It has also tree-fringed beaches, and beautiful villages.  All above along with the hospitable nature of its residents make Leros a prime destination for the travelers who seek culture, adventure, fine dining and clear blue waters.

The shop "Chrysochoos", in Leros, is a family business that keeps the tradition of making and selling jewelry from generation to generation for many years. It has beautiful handcrafted jewels in gold, silver and precious stones, as well as contemporary creations of Greek designers made from different materials (wood, bronze, copper, brass, enamel). It also offers many gift ideas of unique collections, made by Greek artists.

Give your loved ones a "special souvenir” with the color of authentic Greece ...  and do not leave Leros without getting "something" with you to keep your memories of the island alive forever!


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