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Since he was a little child he loved music and dance. When he was 7 years old he went to various dance-clubs because he wanted to learn to dance. At the age of 18 he was sure that dance and its fascinating world were his passion .. his purpose of life. So he left his birthplace, Kalamata of Messenia, to follow his dream which quickly became true when he got his first MASTER in Latin-American Dances in 1991. Since then he learned all kinds of dance at a professional level and became a professional dancer and a dance teacher! But his major love was and is always ZEIBEKIKO in which he specialized and became expert and top performer. This is the short story of DIMITRIS PETROPOULOS, the founder and owner of "Zeibekiko Academy" and "The Dance Idols Club" (feel the Latin vibes). The Zeibekiko Academy of Dimitris Petropoulos is today the biggest in the world. His Dance Schools are operating since 2007 and with a well-trained staff are covering the needs of all levels regarding Greek, European and Latin dances!!! Zeibekiko is the Greek dance that has been loved by people both in Greece and abroad and every year Dimitris Petropoulos welcomes students from all over the world and travels to cities inside and outside the Greek boarders to teach everybody "how to dance Zeibekiko". Currently he is a coach and teacher in dance schools and clubs in Turkey, Cyprus and Israel. He organizes seminars and prepares athletes for all Greek Dance Championships!!! At the Schools of Dimitris Petropoulos, experienced dance teachers and choreographers take on the preparation of your wedding regarding traditional dances and the couple’s choreography. For dancing lessons they accept children from 3 to 16 years old ranking them into babe, children and teenagers groups. There are also ZUMBA-TUMBAO and ORIENTAL- BELLY DANCE groups.

If professional dancing and teaching is your you can easily make it come true! Start your own School of Zeibekiko with the guaranteed safety of the "Academy of Zeibekiko-DIMITRIS PETROPOULOS" taking the FRANCHISING offered both in Greece and abroad…"Dance is the timeless interpretation of life…Zeibekiko is the interpretation of soul.” Get up and dance….Dance from your heart, let your passion shine through and let the entire world learn what Zeibekiko is!


Zeibekiko Academy-Dimitris Petropoulos, Leoforos Grigoriou Lampraki 139, 18120 Korydallos, Athens-Greece
The Dance Idols Club, Leoforos Grigoriou Lampraki 345, 18757 Keratsini, Athens-Greece
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