Easter in Corfu

In Corfu, one of the most beautiful islands of Greece and the Ionian Sea, the Easter celebration is something special. The special local customs and the direct connection of these days with the beginning of spring, reveal a uniqueness that makes the Corfu Easter attract visitors both from all parts of Greece and all over the world. Easter in Corfu is undoubtedly the most majestic in Greece and is a unique event that everyone wants to experience.

Corfiots live the Divine Passion with intensity and devotion, maintaining fully the traditions of the island. All the days of this Religious Festival, around the island, are dominated by sad melodies of choral church music that are heard from the temples in the city streets and suburbs.

From Holy Monday Corfiots until the Holy Thursday start shopping and visiting churches and participate in organized events of the Municipality. On Holy Thursday begins the sequence of the Holy Passion and the first sound from the bells of the church, the eggs get painted red, the eternal symbol of the reviving of life and nature. On Holy Friday, in a touching atmosphere and the funerary sound of the bell, is the ceremony of the Descent of the Lord and the procession of the dead Jesus in clean sheet. Later the Epitaphs are decorated with flowers by young girls, and from noon they are ready and exposed to pilgrimage. Early in the afternoon of Holy Friday begins the procession of the Epitaph on the picturesque streets, at the squares and the suburbs of Corfu. Until late at night dozens Epitaphs will go to the historic city center accompanied by choirs, orchestras, schools, departments scouts and girls with baskets full of colorful flowers. On Saturday, at 11:00 am,  the so-called First Resurrection takes place. As soon as the bells start ringing, from the windows and the balconies of the houses  thousands of clay pots full of water start falling on the streets. After breaking the pots Philharmonics start walking on the streets playing Alegre march "Do not be afraid of Greeks." In the evening, at 12.00, the Resurrection is celebrated in the park of the Upper Square. A spectacular and unique show, with all the windows and balconies of nearby houses being open and full with candles lit and with thousands of candles feeling with light the largest square in Greece. The Resurrection is done with great fanfare, fireworks and fireworks magically illuminate the sky of the island and flashes the mirrored sea. Once the Resurrection is over, bands roam the city playing cheerful marches and people are running behind them singing. The celebration has begun in Corfu and will last until the morning, with tsilichourda (local soup), red eggs, Fogatsa, columbine  and a lot of wine. The island takes fire putting an end to the fasting period and celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. On Sunday, Easter day, everywhere, in restaurants, in taverns, in hotels, at homes and on the farms, people gather to eat all kinds of meat,that has been missed during the fasting period.

Visiting Corfu for Easter holidays is a unique experience ! It's something you will never forget and you will always want to relive!

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