The Revival of a Traditional Big Festival!

Greece » Edessa

The spring of this year (2018) in Edessa, gliding through the cool waters of its rivers, comes to upset, sparkle and delight all our senses with a three-day celebration full of colors, sounds and flavors. 70 years ago, the Festival of “Anthestiria” was the only great celebration of the city, a hymn to the colorful nature of Edessa and to the season of spring.

Today, the visitors can follow the "music of the waters" with a route along the flow of the river with the melodies and musicians of the city; they can visit photo exhibitions and participate in ecological actions for the environment and the recycling procedure. Everybody can also taste the fresh local fruits, meet Edessa‘s delicious cuisine, live all this through traditional sounds and dances and participate to thematic events that connect the past with the present. Come to Edessa at the great "Festival of Colors", in the large outdoor area of the Little Cataracts, dance and have fun throwing Spring-colors by the sounds of a joyful music!

The celebration will be completed to the end with a magnificent and impressive parade and with a festive show of music and dance clubs. Impressive chariots on "4 Seasons", boys and girls who will dance and play music from around the world, environmental activities, cheerleaders, traditional instruments, choruses, will come all together in a cheer of joy, optimism and hope. In a feast of colors with traditional and modern sounds, thousands of viewers will fill the city center and watch excited this impressive show...

This year's spring meeting is on 25-26-27 May 2018 in Edessa, the city of waters and flowers. Don’t miss it!



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