Ellada Eheis Talento (Greece’s Got Talent)

Premiere on Sunday 30/9/2018, at 21:00, on SKAI ΤV

On Sunday, September 30, 2018, on the SKAI Channel, starts the new season of the television show Ellada Eheis Talento (Greece’s Got Talent). “Ellada Eheis Talento” is a Greek reality television series (a reality talent show) and is part of the Got Talent multinational franchise.  It has been one of the most successful Greek TV shows over the 2007-2017 periods. It is a talent show that features singers, dancers, magicians, comedians and other performers of all ages competing for the advertised prize of €50.000. -  The auditions take place in front of the judges and a live audience. At any time during the audition the judges may show disapproval to the act by pressing a buzzer which lights a red X on the screen of their seat. If all of the judges press their buzzers, the act ends immediately. To advance to the second round, participants need to get at least two positive votes or they would be sent home. From series 5 (2017), a new feature was added to the auditions, called the "Golden Buzzer". Situated in the centre of the judge's desk, the Golden Buzzer allows a judge to effectively send a contestant(s) into the live semi-finals, regardless of the opinions of the other judges, if they felt that a contestant's performance was outstanding; when pressed, the judge's X turns gold and the stage is showered in gold glitter strips. However, as a general rule, they may only press it once and cannot press it again in later auditions. Giorgos Lianos is once again the presenter of the show and Sakis Tanimanidis, Giorgos Kapoutsidis and Maria Mpakodimou are the main judges. The semi-final and final shows are broadcast live from Athens.

Stay tuned in SKAI TV! If you want to be part of the show and watch live our talents, please call to the following telephone-numbers:  +30 2106100570 or +30 6946466714 and make the reservation of your seat!


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