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"SURVIVOR 2018", the ultimate survival reality game with seven EMMY awards, is coming to the end for this year.

Only a few days remain until the final of Survivor-2. The 5 power finalists (Katerina Dalaka, Elias Gotsis, Melina Metaxa, Virginia Dikaioulia and Harris Yakoumatos) are fighting hardly to win the Grand Prize and the title of the SURVIVOR of the year. It is almost clear which players will be in the final four. One more player is expected to leave the game next week (according our information it will be Harris) and then we go to the semifinal and the final which will be shown live from Athens.

Friday July 13 will be the day of the Survivor final and the moment of choice of the player who wins the coveted trophy! The Survivor final will be live in Athens, in Alsos Veikou, and the prize will be the same as it of last year 100,000 EUR. Presenter of the semifinal and final will of course be Sakis Tanimanides. In the semifinal and the final many videos will be shown with a flashback of this year's game including various phases, such as: what happened in the huts, the competitions, the prizes of the matches, as well as incidents from San Domenico not yet published, sentimental moments, funny moments, but also scenes of hunger and exhaustion. The final matches will be completed, as it is known, in San Domenico and the three best players will be invited to sit opposite Sakis Tanimanides waiting to hear the score and the result of the audience vote. Katerina Dalaka, Melina Metaxa and Ilias Gotsis are considered as the most likely players for the THREE FINALISTS! Many companies-sponsors have issued several contests in social media by offering their winners free tickets for a live presence and watching of the SURVIVOR FINAL in Alsos Veikou-in Athens.

Friday and 13..... Stay tuned ... on your screens to watch live the SURVIVOR GREECE 2018 GREAT FINAL!  Good Luck to the THREE SURVIVOR-CHAMPIONS ....and let’s meet again next year ... for the SURVIVOR GREECE 2019!




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