27 August – 01 September 2024 in Asprovalta Camping-Greece

Greece » Asprovalta

Festival Date: Tuesday, 27 Aug 2024 - Monday, 2 Sept 2024

Venue: Asprovalta Camping-Greece

Free Earth Festival returns this year with its 7th gathering on the beach of Asprovalta and it will be one of the biggest line-ups in Europe and the largest in its history (5 days of non-stop music + welcome & closing parties)! The stages will feature double the number of headliners compared to the last edition, with a diverse array of talent from various creative and healing arts. From August 27th to 1st September 2024, Free Earth Festival will be delivering 5 days of ecology and alternative lifestyle. An international audio-visual extravaganza set in the venue of the festival the Asprovalta Camping. Asprovalta Camping, located just 78 kilometers from Thessaloniki is considered to be one of the most beautiful campsites in Greece and the largest campsite in the Balkans, with an area exceeding 250 acres. This is a green space by the sea with all the infrastructure and amenities a camper needs.  The specific venue has all the prerequisites, for the attendees to enjoy their staying, including shade for all campers and newly built toilets and showers. Expect a lush green area, a long beach, and crystal-clear waters. In a phrase, the beauty of Greece! Prepare yourself for an unforgettable psychedelic experience at one of the exceptional Greek beaches with white sand, a turquoise sea, and a shaded camping area.

Free Earth Festival is a collaboration of like-minded dedicated Psychedelic Freedom Fighters determined to bring back the vibe to the outdoor festival scene and is being organized by a group of companies with more than 25 years of experience in the Music Industry. It is a family gathering about Ecology, Music and Culture, at an amazing beach location at Asprovalta, Greece! Free Earth Festival is a unique event in Europe, as it is the only beach festival of its kind. A family gathering about Music, Art, Ecology, and Peace, at an amazing beach, and camping location at Asprovalta, Greece!


  • Double the Headliners: Experience an unprecedented gathering of artists with twice the number of headliners across all stages compared to last year.
  • Over 300 Participants: Enjoy performances and workshops by over 300 artists, DJs, painters, teachers, healers, and more.
  • A Journey of Transformation: From groundbreaking musical performances to inspiring art installations and holistic healing sessions.


  • Monday 26th of August 2024: 12:00 Camping Doors open
  • Tuesday 27th of August 2024: 18:00 Visions of Gaia opening, 20:00 Enlightenment Stage opening, 23:59 Oxygen Stage opening 
  • Wednesday 28th of August 2024: 10:00 OM Stage & Kids Area opening, all areas & stages are operational
  • Thursday 29th of August 2024: All areas & stages are operational
  • Friday 30th of August 2024: All areas & stages are operational
  • Saturday 31st of August 2024: All areas & stages are operational
  • Sunday 1st of September 2024: 18:00 Visions of Gaia closing, 22:00 Enlightenment Stage closing, 23:59 Oxygen Stage closing
  • Monday 2nd of September 2024: 23:59 Camping Doors close

Dreaming of a complete, comfortable, functional, and safe event that gives hope for a Sustainable World! FREE EARTH is not a festival, it’s an unmissable, transformational, and unforgettable experience! Welcome to the 2024 Super Edition! Get your ticket:


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