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GET WET-Rent a Boat company, based in Vourvourou (Sithonia, Halkidiki), with years of experience in maritime business, with a lot of love and with the passion of its founders for the sea, has organized a small fleet of 11 boats for those who want to enjoy the emerald waters of Vourvourou and its small islands, for those who want to get in touch with the sea, discover new deserted beaches, have fun with their friends and/or their family and live the unique experience of driving a boat without a license. All boats have modern four-stroke Suzuki & Yamaha engines 25/30 - 175 hp and are fully equipped with all the comforts to offer you and your friends (up to 6 people) a day full of sea, sun and tranquility. They are secured and equipped with all the necessary survival means. Before each embarkation, a complete check up of the boat is made to ensure its safety and detailed instructions are given to you. Inside the boats there is plenty of space which provides comfort and easy moving around, sufficient storage space and sun protection with the roll bar shade system. There are also ladders that make getting on and off board easy for everyone and equipment with a GPS tracker system (GPS TRACKER) so in case of needs the experienced and specialized staff of the company to intervene immediately. You do not need a driving license or some relevant experience!

It is to highlight that in Vourvourou are undoubtedly the most beautiful and exotic beaches of Halkidiki, with warm and crystal clear waters in all possible shades of blue. Many of them are not accessible by car and the only way to visit them and enjoy their beauty is by sea.

So choose the boat you like and get on board! Enjoy the sun, drink the wild air, stay salty and relax… floating gently in the crystal water! GET WET is there and waits you. They invite you to an unforgettable experience that only the sea can offer...Trust them why they are the best!


Vourvourou, Sithonia-Halkidiki-Greece
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