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By the sea, a few meters after the Lighthouse of Alexandroupoli, there is Gialos, a beautiful and picturesque tavern with unique retro decor and delicious dishes inspired by traditional Greek cuisine. A pleasant atmosphere, a friendly environment with the warmth and hospitality of its people hovering in the air.

What is it that makes the tavern "Gialos" stand unique...

... It is the quality of its materials, as all of the dishes, fish and meat are fresh and well cooked. Fish and seafood are coming daily from the nets of the fisherman "directly" to your plate.

... It is the unique combination of tradition and modern gourmet, as all recipes of "Gialos" are unique creations of traditional Greek cuisine with both modern gastronomic and aesthetic touches.

... It is the excellent and friendly service with both owners and staff welcoming their guests always with a smile on their lips, ready to handle their every wish and demand.

... And finally it is the magnificent view of the deep blue and the sound of waves complementing your gastronomic adventure in the city of Alexandroupolis.

Alexandroupolis coast road, Apolloniados 26 – Alexandroupolis 68131, Evros, Thrace, Greece
+30 255 108 3850
+30 693 234 4526
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