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“There is nowhere like Halkidiki….”

They say that no other place in Greece can boast beaches like those of Halkidiki. Still, the region stands for far more than beaches. Halkidiki is the perfect combination of the reviving Mediterranean light, the unspoiled land, the lively communities and a glorious past to explore. Add the local gastronomy, the religious traditions, the openness and hospitality of the people, the wide range of activities and lifestyles; the flavor with the soothing scent of the pine-trees and there you are! The already desirable has turned to the simply irresistible. 

Halkidiki is literally sculpted by nature forces to balance earth and sea. Three peninsulas, fjord-like bays with emerald beaches and coves, imposing mountains -the stage for thriving life and civilizations in every form -like the thousand year old monastic state of Mt. Athos, a unique World Heritage Site! 

Myth has it that the great Greek philosopher Aristotle, who was born here and spent his life away from his native land -if only to teach the young Alexander the Great- never ceased to praise the honey of Halkidiki! Was it a metaphor or he actually meant the renowned honey we can cherish today? There is no way to know but who cares!

You will also love the land and the rich products of its gardens and orchards, the beautiful taverns and the restaurants with delicious food and fresh seafood, the cosmopolitan beach bars and the many hotels that offer all the comforts for an unforgettable stay.

Halkidiki is truly a place of dreams… and your dream has only just begun…


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