Frequencies device for Holistic Health - Wellbeing and Vitality

"If you want to discover the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." - Nikola Tesla

"Everything is energy and that is all there to it. Tune in to the frequency of the energy you want and you are sure to receive that reality. It cannot be done otherwise. This is not Philosophy. It's Physics.” -  Albert Einstein

"All matter consists of energy vibrating at different frequencies." - Marcus Schmieke

Although we are all thought of as physical beings, in reality we are all energy. We all have an identity in the field of resonance. Based on this very "discovery", energy and natural healing methods have begun to gain significant ground in people's preferences. Based on this evulotionary belief a new technology called HEALY is born. HEALY is a device produced in Germany that contributes to holistic health and well-being by transmitting frequencies to whoever needs them anywhere in the world, whether close or far.

  • What is HEALY?

HEALY is a small portable bioresonance device for personal use. It weighs about 35 grams and has the size of a matchbox. It is used through an application installed on your mobile phone or tablet. It is a high-tech product that allows you to run the programs you have purchased and is suitable for both professional and personal use to protect and restore health.

The Healy device, a product of an international collaboration of scientists, doctors, therapists and engineers, aims to help people achieve natural healing, energy balancing and harmony of body, mind and soul, using the latest innovative technologies.

Its missionis to offer everyone health, well-being and inner balance. It sends the frequencies our cells need via microcurrents (microwaves) to protect our health or correct existing disorders. Our cells get damaged over time and fall below the ideal level of vibration so that they can no longer function normally. This increased number of damaged cells prevents organs or systems from performing their proper  functions. Sometimes, after a while, the cells turn into tumor cells, which we call malignant and cause serious disorders. While the healthy cell is located and works at a level of -70 mV, diseased cells fall to a level of -30 mV, cancer cells fall to a level of -20 mV and finally when we reach level 0 cell death has occurred. At this point, when the programs installed on the device are used properly, the cells are ensured to return to their ideal levels.

  • Does it have side effects?

The device does not have any features that may adversely affect health. Healy is a quality product developed and produced in Germany, where it meets or exceeds all the necessary quality and safety regulations. After numerous successful tests and inspections it has obtained Medical Device Certificate. In the EU, HEALY is a medical device for the relief of pain - both acute and chronic - as well as for the supportive treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and sleep disorders.

It provides support in the treatment of chronic diseases, while strengthening the body with vitamins and minerals.

It is affordable, practical to use and can be used whenever and wherever you need it.

  • In which cases is HEALY effective?
  1. Physical pains
  2. Chronic diseases
  3. Insomnia problems
  4. Cases of Hyperactivity / ADHD / Autism
  5. Intense Anxiety/Phobias/Panic Attacks
  6. Depression
  7. Musculoskeletal problems, Arthritis, Osteoporosis
  8. Dementia – Alzheimer's
  9. Beauty
  10. Psychological problems
  11. Sexual problems
  12. Allergies
  13. Weight loss
  14. Addictions such] as Smoking/Alcohol
  15. Skin problems (acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc.)....

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