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With extensive experience in the construction sector and a fully qualified technical team of professional architects, interior designers, engineers and foremen, the Kriamos Construction Company is distinguished for the quality, technical reliability and aesthetics of its work and enjoys a leading position among technical companies in Northern Greece.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive services, from study and design up to construction, delivery and maintenance of the project, using modern and high quality materials and strictly following the trends of the times and the needs of each customer. All these 25 years of our operation we have achieved a wide range of modern, operational and economic constructions, projects with technical reliability, timely completion and well worksite organization. Residential building projects, restaurants, bakeries, hotel facilities, summer camps, shopping centers and cinemas are some of the many areas in which our company operates, offering full and complete technical coverage of the needs of a construction at all stages of its implementation.

Each construction project, small or large, is always a challenge, to which we respond with a dynamic network of technical partners and a variety of the best materials, always confident that we will work out the best possible result.

13. km Thessaloniki - N.Moudania EUROTECH CENTRE ( juction of Thermi) P.O BOX 60 364, 57001, Thermi, Thessaloniki Greece
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