Lichadonisia-The off the beaten path Islands of Evoia…a little piece of paradise!

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They have been called Seychelles of Greece, the Bahamas of Greece, and the truth is that they are reminiscent of Caribbean islands! They are the Lichadonisia, the seven verdant islands with the endless blue of the sea and the turquoise waters, the precious secret paradise of Evoia, just a breath away from Lichada and opposite to Kammena Vourla. Lichadonisia islands are located on the northwestern side of Evoia, between the Gulf of Maliakos and the North Evian Gulf, in the extension of the ancient cape Kinaio, opposite the settlement of Kavos. The complex of these islands was created by a volcanic energy and is a single volcanic formation. The volcano operated during the Quaternary period of the Cenozoic century of the prehistory of the earth. Before the Maliakos tectonic precipitation took place, the Lichadonisia were joined to the Lichada peninsula. Large parts of the islands were sunk by a major earthquake in 426 BC…These islands are still pristine in terms of tourist facilities, they have not yet been overcrowded by tourists, somewhere you’ve heard them but they are definitely worth to visit putting them on your bucket list of summer destinations in Greece!

The largest island of the complex is called Manolia; it is verdant with a long beach of turquoise waters where a well-organized beach bar is located. To the west of the island, in a series of lakes, you can see the shipwreck perceived without diving equipment as it is only 6 meters apart. This wreck is a must sightseeing of the area as it is really impressive! The Manolia islet is elongated and has a small bay that serves as a natural harbor. Lichadonisia is ideal for underwater fishing and water sports (water skiing, surfing). One of the most pleasant surprises in the wider area is the presence of a graceful family of seals, who for a few years have chosen Lichadonisia as their permanent residence. Their appearances are frequent during the day and their poses for skilled photographers are particularly impressive.

During the summer season there are daily and weekend itineraries from the port of Kammena Vourla- Fthiotida to Lichadonisia with the following timetable: take off 12:00, return 18:00, ticket prices € 12.00 for adults and € 6.00 for children. Itineraries are also operated from the beach of Kavos- Lichada of North Evoia, upon telephone contact – ticket prices € 6.00 for adults and free for children. You can also choose a boat with glass bottom and there is usually a mini tour performed by the Captain! It is recommended to ask about the beaches where every boat leaves you because the first one is always so full of people that you can hardly enjoy the scenery! There are no accommodations or hotels in Lichadonisia but it is worth visiting even for one day. So let's get lost in the paradise of Northern Evoia…even for a while!


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