LIMNOS – A delightful island to enjoy

Limnos compared to other Greek islands is unique. Its natural environment offers the visitor an exceptional aesthetic experience: Endless beaches, seashells, starfish and aquamarine crystal clear waters. Small hills with wheat and barley fields, vineyards and vegetable gardens, but also fine sand dunes composing a pure African landscape in the North Aegean! Lagoons with thousands of flamingos and remarkable Byzantine ruins where deer roam among the visitors. Wine and gastronomy routes honoring the taste the land and the man.

The island has a great ancient history depicted in lots of significant archeological sites. The main characteristic of Myrina, the capital of Limnos, is a rock crowned with a Byzantine castle. There is also one of the earliest fortified settlements in Europe with the oldest Bouleuterion (a building served as kind of parliament). Among other historical sites worth sightseeing: a Roman theater and an ancient mysteries venue, as well as Homeric caves, served as supplementation places for the Argonauts and the warriors of the Trojan War. There are more than forty traditional settlements throughout the island, hidden in the hinterland, with their local feasts and festivals seen not simply as a sight but as a living reality embracing the visitor. Stone mansions and humble farmhouses with colored windows and vivid red rooftops. Squares, scenic grocery stores and picturesque traditional Greek cafes. Windmills, earthenware jars buried in the ground, glorious churches and Ottoman fountains.  Villages and landscapes narrating stories of the past times. But also fishing villages built on the sea. And undoubtedly Limnos hospitable, friendly, genuine people. Summer nights in Limnos are really enjoyable with art exhibitions, theatrical performances, and musical evenings and after midnight events. The authentic local products give also a good reason for gourmet, intimate tasting and revelry. Limnos 260km coastline offers a varied geographical relief: bays, coves, peninsulas and capes. Vast sandy beaches, shallow crystal clear waters. The island’s road network gives visitors access almost everywhere, according to their preferences. The favorable winds call the adventurous to water sports, and as for tempted unfamiliar with such activities there are water sports schools to join.  Fishermen and harpooners can find their paradise on desert, barren, volcanic islets and rocky capes. And as for the romantics! They can enjoy the intriguing lonely beaches and the idyllic sunsets even on the fifteenth of August.

Limnos is a focal point of beauty of the Greek Archipelago. It is located high up in the Northeastern Aegean Sea, where the wind never stops blowing. Discover it! Limnos has it all.  Dive and enjoy this wonderful place. The pictures, as nice as they may be, cannot portray the island’s magic and grandeur! Because the only way to enjoy Limnos is to experience it !!!!

We are deeply thankful to the MUNICIPALITY OF LIMNOS (TOURISM DEPARTMENT) for the precious information and wonderful photos they have given us for this article!

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