MY MAN CAN-2024-The TV Game that comes again at SKAI-TV

Is your man your hero? How well do you know your partner?

My Man Can! The world-renowned TV game show with global acceptance will once again begin to be shown on Greek television with its premiere on Saturday, May 18 at 9:00 PM on SKAI-TV channel. The famous Turkish production company ACUN MEDYA, surprises the Greek TV audience bringing again the MY MAN CAN TV game show.

And because "an intelligent host with humor and inexhaustible positive energy is what we need to have fun", Fanis Lambropoulos will be this time the presenter of "My Man Can"! The popular comedian actor, presenter and radio producer returns to television being the host of the entertaining game show "My Man Can".

In each episode of My Man Can four couples (married or in a relationship) compete and only one couple wins the game. The winning couples of the week continue, playing in the final competition and the final’s winning couple gets the GRAND PRIZE which is a car or another prize according to the surprises of the production. The game is full of sporting activities and tests that require sharpness and flexibility. In “My Man Can” you’ll face off with the other couples by betting on the brains, brawn and willpower of your man, pushing them to max-out doing crazy and hilarious challenges. If you bid too high, your man may fail, but if you guess just right you’ll win fame and fortune! Men are invited to compete with each other in sports games, knowledge drills and a series of tests that require courage and intelligence while women put their men’s skills and courage to the test! Is your man your hero? Do you know the absolute limit of what he is capable of mentally and physically? How well do women know their men?

Laughter, suspense and a great deal of madness in one of the most entertaining shows we've seen on TV. Fanis Lambropoulos, with the imagination and humor that characterize him, makes the show even more exciting and becomes the host of a lot of "mad" situations....As we don't want to reveal all, watch the rest on your television-screens...If you wish, you can register for participation in the game by filling out the form below:


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