My Style Rocks-Season-2

Premiere on Monday 10/9, at 16:00, on SKAI ΤV

On Monday, September 10, 2018, on the SKAI Channel, starts the New Season of the television show "My Style Rocks" with changes and surprises for everyone, putting fire in the catwalk of our TV screens. Konstantina Spyropoulou undertakes the presentation of the new season of "My Style Rocks" and on Monday, September 10, at 16.00, she will welcome the contestants/players, 11 young girls who want to impress both the judges and the television audience with their fashion style.Having each week a concrete budget which they can use as they wish, they are asked to create a different look for each episode and present their concept in front of the judges. In addition to their dressing choices, the girls are also judged for their personality, inventiveness and for their personal style.

In the season-2 of the “My Style Rocks” show, Stelios Koudounaris, Betty Maggira and Dimitris Argyropoulos will be the main judges and their duty is to rate the most impressive, extraordinary and stylish look. Nevertheless the final score can be changed as the girls will be also asked to rate the look of their competing playmates.

Every Friday at 21.00 there will be the "Gala-show" in which the girl who will have the highest total score of the week will be the winner and will earn 2.500. – EUR while the girl with the lowest score, as a loser, will leave the game and a new player will get her position.

The first contestants are: Efi Anastasopoulou, Victoria Caryda, Julia Kollia, Tania Kofinioti, Maria Leka, Tamta Mastoraki, Eva Bassi, Christina Papadellis, Katia Ploumi, Spyridoula Rokomou, and Fotini Traka. Which one will wear the crown of "My Style Rocks"? If you want to see it ... stay tuned in SKAI TV!

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