Nico Isaakides - Handcrafted Artwork

Handmade decorative items, accessories, furniture


Greece » Thessaloniki

Nico Isaakides was born in Thessaloniki where he lives and works with his Handcrafted Artwork for about 10 years.

By exploring the industrial design ways - Industrial Design & Steam punk - he creates with love and imagination a series of useful handmade objects made up of tables, lamps and other household items.

His works are mainly made of wood and metal, without any special treatment, materials that are highly valued in his Collection.

The artist, a man with inherent talent and deep anxieties, who feels more familiar between smells of sea wood and rusty iron rather than words, has presented his artworks in solo and group exhibitions in his hometown, standing out with his own special style and his original technique.

The intensive process of creating his works results in a productive idiom that distinguishes him by highlighting aspects of his particular personality.

His art works, decorative objects, accessories and furniture, with their distinctive and original character, can decorate any space, personal or professional, and can be combined harmoniously with both modern and classic elements, adding a "special" touch of aesthetics.......

For those looking for "something different”.... for those attracted to "uniqueness" ... for those who love "art" and appreciate it!

Odyssiton 2, Harilaou 54250, Thessaloniki / Greece
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