The dreamy Christmas Park of Drama and the Village of Santa Claus await you to live the most exciting Christmas of your life!

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From December 1st 2019 to January 4th 2020, the dreamiest Christmas Park opens its gates for a fantastic journey to the Christmas season! “Oneiroupoli of Drama” celebrates this year 16 years of operation ... so it has this time the sweetest suggestion.... The Municipality of Drama has prepared the most beautiful Dream Park of the world for all who expect something more than the end of a fairytale’s narration “... and they lived well but we’ll live better"…

The fairies, the elves, the reindeers, the goblins, the snowmen, but also Santa Claus, they all live in a place that ... has the smell of Christmas. The spirit of the most “magical” holidays of the year, drips through wooden houses, comes out of the chimneys and reaches even the tallest trees, from there dives in the lit ponds, jumps from the water lily to the water lane and, accompanied by Christmas melodies, follows routes to bridges and paths, drifting all those who are there, young and old, in the rhythm of these days. The Municipal Garden and the central square of Drama are transformed into fairy tale scenery and all the visitors become protagonists in a unique Christmas fairy tale!

This year let's offer to our children the best Christmas present ... going with them to Oneiroupoli of Drama 2019-2020, in the most atmospheric, attractive and unique Christmas feast of Greece! It’s more than sure that we'll be rewarded for our gift choice and that looking their happy faces and their bright smiles we will realize that this Christmas will be to them unforgettable! So you are welcome to the cozy, hospitable, safe and easily accessible Oneiroupoli of Drama! The entry to the Christmas Park and the participation to its happenings are free!

Municipal Garden of Drama, 66100 Drama-Greece
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