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Since 2010 the presence of Par-anna Beauty Spot is an active and integral part of the local market of Thérmi and also of Eastern Thessaloniki in general. From 2016 Par-Anna Beauty Spot has a second shop in Kallithea, in Cassandra of Halkidiki, being daily open during the summer months and serving both residents and tourists.

The company is specialized in the field of aesthetics, providing comprehensive services for the women and the men, but also for the children. It is a multiplex beauty salon providing services as: hairdressing, aesthetics and epilating services, massage, nail prosthetics, limb care (manicure, pedicure), makeup, bridal hairstyling, body painting and tattoo.

Par-anna Beauty Spot has – in both of its shops - specialized and experienced staff who are always willing to serve your beauty needs with smile and courtesy. At Par-anna you can also have manicure and pedicure seminars and buy professional and therapeutic products of very good quality at very competitive prices including many offer packages!

Stenimachou 14, Thermi 57001, Thessaloniki-Greece
Capetan Hapsa str 9, 63077 Kalithea, Kassándra, Halkidik- Greece
+30 2310477220, +30 2374 020101
+30 6993780808
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