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All the Greek islands are great...but if you want to live the grandeur of the Ionian beauty you must visit Paxos! Paxos can be found 14 kilometers south of Corfu, covers an area of some 19 square kilometers and is one of a cluster of picturesque small islands set in the Ionian Sea. According to the legend, the island would be the southernmost tip of Corfu, if the God of the Sea, Poseidon, had not broken it off with his trident when he needed a god-deserving place to live his love with the Nereid Amphitrite. Paxos has no airport, can only be reached by ferry boat or by private sailing boats and yachts. Exotic landscapes, perennial olive groves, dense vineyards and lush vegetation reaching the water, clear aquamarine sea and fjord-shaped beaches, others with fine sand and others with white pebbles, underwater caves and authentic delights welcome the lucky visitors and make the island an artists’ paradise…The experiences here are unique: sunset on the whitewashed rock of the Hermit, diving for exploration of the sea caves, high level windsurfing, walking through small forests of pine trees, myrtle trees, cypresses and vineyards and discovering the old chipped cisterns which have been sculpted on the rocks by the inhabitants of the island  to collect the rain water.

The capital and main port of Paxos is Gaios, a picturesque village separated from its natural breakwater, the tiny island of Agios Nikolaos (Saint Nicholas), by a narrow channel, displaying one of the most beautiful port sceneries in Greece. Don’t miss to visit in Gaios:  the Venetian fortress of Agios Nikolaos bearing the seal of Leonardo da Vinci, the English Governor’s House, the Paxi Museum and the churches and chapels of the area. Visit the picturesque villages of Logos, Lakka and Oziás, tucked away in pine and olive trees. In the areas of Oziás, Yana and Glyfada, sulphur thermal springs offer an alternative treatment for rheumatics and other health conditions. The best beaches for swimming are: Orkos in Paxos and the superb beaches in neighboring Antipaxos that draw boats from Paxos – Voutoumi, a pebble-covered beach, and Vrika, a sandy beach. Antipaxos is a pint-sized islet measuring just 3 square kilometers and located a thirteen minute speedboat ride away from Gaios, surrounded by blue waters. It features vineyards producing a heavy wine, as well as a few stray, extremely noisy ducks.

In Paxos you can enjoy: very delicious donuts (loukoumades) in Gaios square, wine of best quality and good food in both Gaios restaurants and the beautiful, picturesque little taverns of the other two main villages of the island, Lóggos and Lakka, where you will find also remarkable bars for your night entertainment. For your stay choose the luxurious stone villas that will offer you dreamy accommodation facilities with a high standard of hospitality.

Cultural village of Europe for the year 2004, Paxi (or Paxoi) is the ideal island for quiet and quality vacations that will be engraved in your memory forever….



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