Power of Love is the new subversive reality show presented on Greek television, in SKAI–channel, and is a social experiment aimed at answering the questions we have about the relationships between men and women.

In a house, but in separate rooms, there are two groups, six women and six men who are trying to find the right match with which they could have a relationship or live forever together. During the game, various meetings are held between these two groups either individually (pairs in the red room) or by gathering all or some of them either in the women's room or in the men's room. Through these meetings with the opposite sex, the members of both groups try to discuss, communicate, get to know each other or flirt, to distinguish the ideal companion from the way he or she speaks and behaves. One of the main reversals of the game lies in the fact that players spend 8 hours on the studio deck for shooting and the rest of the 24 hours return to their daily lives.

2 popular players (1 male and 1 female) are voted each week by the public (viewers of the television show) and the results are announced every Friday night at the Gala. Of these 2 players, the most beloved one, according to the number of votes he has received, earns a prize, a check of € 2,500 and he is additionally entitled to give immunity to his entire group. The players who have to leave the show are voted by their opposing team.

The famous TV presenter ("Greece Have a Talent"), Maria Bakodimou undertook the presentation of this pioneering show and her role in the game is important because in every episode she comments with the players on their everyday life and advises them on issues concerning human relations.

As the number of players in the two teams must every week remain the same, one or two new players enter the game after each leaving!

Power of Love is just another TV game for entertainment ... or will it cause real feelings?

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