Βecause summer, except from sun and sea, also needs love...

"Power of Love", the subversive reality show, after 5 years of absence from Greek television, comes back to SKAI Channel, renewed and full of surprises. Its premiere took place on Sunday, June 30, 2024, at 9:00 p.m. The TV-reality show started this year with 12 young people, 6 men and 6 women who went there to find the love and - why not - to win the big prize. The two groups (men and women) are accommodated in one house but in separate apartments. Through their meetings with the opposite sex, the members of both groups try to distinguish the ideal partner not only by his outward appearance but also by the way he moves and behaves. In the cozy atmosphere of the house, the prospective lovers introduce themselves, talk and spend time getting to know each other!

Katerina Karavatou (ex presenter of My Style Rocks) is this time the presenter and hostess of "Power of Love". Six men and six women are looking for their life partner in the House of Love. This is a social experiment based on love, which puts 12 people in an unforgettable adventure! In Sunday's premiere episode, Katerina Karavatou welcomed the new players and gave each contestant the opportunity to introduce themselves. The new home of Power of Love is full of colors, renewed, more beautiful than ever and the shootings are taking place in Istanbul!

Power of Love is just another TV game for entertainment or will it cause real feelings? And because summer, except from sun and sea, also needs love...stay tuned to the SKAI channel, every night, Monday to Friday, at 22:00 to see what will follow!

You can sign up to participate in the show at the following link: https://shortaudition.com/POWER-OF-LOVE


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