SAILING... Sport, Hobby, Art, Recreation, Experience

Sailing is the art of travelling by vessel or boat, using the wind to power sails and propel the boat forward. Sailing can be practiced both as a purely sporting pastime, since it is also an Olympic Sport and as a recreational activity appropriate for sea excursions or travel on holidays.  Viewed from any perspective, it is a really fascinating experience, a sport offering people wide horizons without limitations in human performance, which, besides the physical exercise, helps young children build a strong character as well as socialize smoothly.  Sailing exercises both body and soul. It can strengthen the character by cultivating the team spirit and the will, boosting self-confidence and determination, developing skills –through sociability- as well as a sense of responsibility.

Sailing is an exciting and one of the best sports combining the charm of the sea and the challenge of the wind with the athletes’ skills. Sailors have to be tough, especially with strong feet and waist and they must also be well trained on sailing techniques and experienced enough to take all necessary initiatives for the proper and effective boat handling.

Anyone can get into sailing. It is one of the few sports that everybody irrespective of sex, age and physical condition can take up. From the age of seven to any age, everyone who has the will- the only prerequisite-can practice sailing. Of course, the sooner you start the better, as you have more time to gain knowledge and experience.

The sailing boat is not simply a means of transport. It enables usto get involved in a sport and also a pastime offering moments of serenity, action, adventure and teamwork, a sport that gives us the chance to get close to the sea and harness the power of wind. It is a way to make our holidays unique, completely independent and free in the choices of our trip, to get closer to the nature, to experience the magic of the water, to see the islands from another point of view and to visit places that are only accessible by

It is noteworthy that the Greek seas with thousands of islands are the perfect destination for sailing like no other place in the world, due to the weather conditions and the coastal configuration. Don’t you think it is time to start enjoying the advantages of our country?

What we need to start sailing

First of all, it is absolutely required to love the sea! All the rest are good to very good mood, willingness to learn and acquire new experiences, a little time, good company and right choice of our destination and aim. The Diploma is not necessary when there is a qualified skipper on board. However, those interested in progressing to become sailors, have to follow an educational programme held by private OFFSHORE SAILING SCHOOLS and NAUTICAL CLUBS in GREECE. There are two month theoretical and practical training courses. The training cost of these courses is usually € 300 and is well worth it.

Essential Sailing Equipment:

A hat, a maximum protection sunscreen- the ultraviolet rays of the sun are very harmful when on board-, a swimming suit, a towel, a mackintosh (a water-wind proof coat), shoes with soft nonskid soles, some extra change of clothes (underwear, sweatshirt, etc), at best light colored and comfortable clothes and we are ready to set sail.


There are many companies where you can rent a boat and even hire a skipper if necessary and, depending your budget, you can enjoy a trip of two, three, seven or even more days in case you are seamen.

So, don’t hesitate to start sailing as the experience it offers is unforgettable but most of all… in order to deeply enjoy the trip!!! (for sailing what worth more is the trip itself and not the destination!!)