The Island with the dreamy beaches…where the sea calls your soul…

Greece » Serifos

Serifos belongs to the island complex of the Western Cyclades and is located between Sifnos and Kythnos, while it is 73 nautical miles away from the port of Piraeus. Its shape is almost circular, has an area of 73 square kilometers and a coastline of about 80 km divided into picturesque bays and coves of a total length of about 10 km. White houses with courtyards and bougainvilleas, with flat roofs in the famous Cycladic style, labyrinthine small roads, churches with a blue or white dome, traditional ovens, picturesque taverns by the sea, golden sandy beaches and dreamy bays, settlements perched on the slopes of the mountains or next to the sea.. All above features give the image of Serifos framed by the traditional and authentic color that characterizes the Cyclades islands. Serifos will impress you; you will love it at once, as soon as you reach its harbor, because through its simplicity it emits a special glow and creates strong emotions. In comparison to the most of the famous Cyclades-islands, Serifos is a destination for those who want to relax, for those looking for something different, beyond the glamour and the luxury of the cosmopolitan destinations of the Aegean Sea and far away from mass tourism. This island offers a getaway from stress and daily routine and is the right place for the carefree holidays you wish!

The capital of Serifos is the picturesque Chora, built amphitheatrically on a hill; it is perched on the cliff, with a breathtaking view from above ... and just 5 km from the port of the island. The island is small but it has many beautiful places like the villages Galani, Kendarhos or Kallitsos and Sykamia, all built on the slopes of the hills, each with its own history, the cosmopolitan Livadi (harbor) that gathers almost all the night life and entertainment of the island, the Koutalas with its small stone houses, old houses of the miners, Mega Livadi with the imposing ruins of the mining exploitation period and about 70 beaches (according to the locals) that satisfy all tastes... Some of these beaches have rocks, other ones have small pebbles or fine sand, but all of them have turquoise crystal waters, deep or shallow sea, for all requirements. The whole island of Serifos is full of small paths waiting for you to stroll on them. Many of these paths are round around the island and lead to charming coves and to picturesque and quiet places ideal for the lovers of natural beauty and the adventure enthusiasts. Many bays are accessible only by boats but the most of them are accessible by road.

In Ano Chora, in the central square and in Livadi, all people of the island become a company of friends and all the tables of the cafés and of the bars are filled with snacks, raki, coffees and drinks. In the restaurants and the taverns of the island you can enjoy fresh fish and delicious seafood, traditional meals such as salads with kritamos (a vegetable growing on the rocks), the unique revithada (special cooked chickpeas), louza (a local delicacy) and the delicious local cheese.

When you leave the island, it is sure that its charm will have touched your soul and you will want to go there again and again! Serifos promises you holidays with the aroma of authentic Greece and awaits you to explore it.... WELCOME TO SERIFOS!


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