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There is nothing more annoying than flies, bees and mosquitoes to keep you around while enjoying your food on the balcony, the garden or the outside of the house or a restaurant. At this point, Shooaway offers you a unique, stylish, silent, odorless and non-toxic solution.

It's a pioneering, beautifully designed insect repellent with rotating soft and flexible fins that, with their reflective coating, once activated, drive away unwanted flying "visitors". Shooaway can be placed on the table or any other flat surface and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It contains no harmful chemicals, it is eco-friendly and absolutely safe to use near food, beverages, children and pets.

Big companies and chain stores with outdoor equipment, all around the world, have believed in the product and have promoted it successfully in their own domestic market. Our goal, at the moment, is to present Shooaway to Turkey, so we are looking for a distributor to introduce and promote it to the Turkish market.


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