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Greece has not only blue sea and amazing beaches...but also mountains of infinite beauty and many interesting mountain destinations. One of them is the Voras-Kaimaktsalan Mountain which, offering the opportunity for a lot of activities is always interesting both in winter and in summer. This mountain, the third highest Greek mountain at an altitude of 2524 meters, is located at the frontiers between Greece and the Republic of North Macedonia and its crest-ridge is the limit line of the two countries. The word "Kaimaktsalan" is of Ottoman Turkish origin inspired by its white, snowy peak: kaymakçalan means 'kaimak beater'. 'Kaimak" in Turkish means "Cream." In Kaimaktsalan mountain there is one of the best ski resorts in Greece most known for its snow quality and duration. The lowest point of the ski resort is at 2050m where is its central shelter, ski chalet, parking and ski schools and its highest point reaches up to 2480m at the end of the Kremassi lift path. This Ski Center has long and wide slopes without difficult ski runs, considered as the ideal center for technical improvement and for skiing in untraded snow paths but what makes it truly irresistible is the spectacular views that reach even the summit of Mount Olympus.

Whether skiing is one of your favorite sports or not, on this mountain you will have fun at any age you are. For action and adventure fans, here is the place to experience the most emotions, with varied ski runs, for all tastes. The mountain offers runs ranging from expert to beginner and groomers to slalom challenges. Its consistent pitch and variety of terrain have earned it a reputation as being one of the Greece's finest ski mountains. There are 6 lifts (1 chair lift and 5 sliding lifts) and 13 varied ski runs with a total length of 15 km. The Ski Resort's highlights include a specially designed 4-acre Snowboard Fun Park and the new Playland which is a paradise for children.

In the excellent three-storey ski chalet (open all year) overlooking Lake Vegoritida one can relax after skiing or even stay and sleep in its splendid rooms and suites. Of course, there are also traditional guesthouses and rooms to let in the surrounding villages (Agios Athanasios, Panagitsa) offering hospitable facilities and high class accommodation. Regarding food and entertainment in Kaimaktsalan you will find restaurants, taverns, cafes, bars etc, both traditional and modern with excellent service and a variety of traditional food products and other services that will adequately meet any of your needs.

Nearby is the magnificent capital of the Macedonian kingdom, ancient Pella, with its impressive archaeological site and rich museum, the historic Archangel Monastery and the beautiful city of Edessa (45 km) with its famous waterfalls. At the peak point of the Kaimaktsalan/Voras Mountain and within the border lines there is the Profit Ilias chapel, which is a 1st World War monument. It was built in Catholic style and in its basement there is a cenotaph of the victims killed in the battles that took place there. Its largest part was proposed to be included in the region of Nature 2000. At the foot of the mountain is the lake of Vegoritida, one of the largest lakes in dimension and in depth in Greece. Other sites in the area are: the airport of Zervi that serves the gliding planes and flying and parachuting schools and the spa baths “Loutra of Aridea”, mostly known as Pozar, where there are pools with thermal spring water (with 37 degree temperature). Visit Kaimaktsalan Ski Resort to escape from the everyday life's routine and because powder skiing is not only fun... it is life, fully lived; life lived in a blaze of reality!


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