Stavros Kritikos-The favorite Thessalonian singer in the music talent show The Voice-2020

Stavros Kritikos, born in September 1992 in Thessaloniki, has an experience of 12 years in the professional music scene in northern Greece. Having many successful presences in nightclubs and successful collaborations on his resume (CV), he has chosen, for the last 5 years, appearances with his band, in many clubs and bars which brought his live music shows to the top most preferable live-events of the night entertainment. Stavros’ diversity lies in the 3.5 hours nonstop mix full band live music, which he has set up, including all the TOP radio successful songs of all kinds of Greek music industry over the last 30 years! All this was a live party that has won the impressions. Stavros Kritikos as a music-tech-producer, composer and lyricist, has many times achieved, with his work, support from many and important radio channels of our country! His goal is to constantly increase the audience that follows him and shares his music. The diversity of his voice, his stage presence, and his accessible out-of-scene character make him very popular and dear. Stavros is a graduate of Music Technology, Graduate of Voice Studies-Classic Song-Guitar!

In the summer of 2018 the well-known composer / producer Michael Touratzidis, in collaboration with the singer Stavros Kritikos, created a highly exciting new song, “Sou Fonazo (Ei)", accompanied by an impressive video clip directed by Alex Konstantinidis. The video clip has been shot in Thessaloniki, on the unique boat-a true gem of the sea - MAS 28 Elegance, owned by Prive Cruises, and at the wonderful Hotel Ambassador! Our website had the honor of its first public presentation!


This year, 2 years later, Stavros Kritikos decided to participate in the music talent show "The Voice of Greece" and on Sunday 27/9/2020, interpreting the song of Argyros "Ti na kano" ("What to do"), he successfully passed the blind auditions and continues unabated for the knock outs….We wish him GOOD LUCK and to realize all his dreams! Stavros chose the team of Elena Paparizou. Come on, Stavros...Let's go strong.... because "if you can dream it you can do it"!


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