SURVIVOR 2019 Greece-Turkey-The Turkish Team

The premiere of Survivor 2019, Greece-Turkey is on Saturday, February 2 at 21:00 on SKAI TV and at 20:00 on TV8! The survivor TV game will be shown from Saturday to Wednesday, in Greece and Cyprus, as well as in Turkey. See below the twelve players of the Turkish team:


  1. SEDA OCAK: 34 years old, hurdler of 100m races, married, mother of two boys, with nursery and sports administration studies.
  2. BUSRA YALCIN: 21 years old, student of the Gymnastics Academy is playing volley ball with many distinctions in volleyball tournaments.
  3. SUDE BURCU: 22 years old, trainer in TAEKWONDO with many distinctions in this martial art at the European and Balkan Championship, 7 times Turkey's champion. She is now a 3-year student at CELALBAAR UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF SPORT SIENCE.
  4. KADER KARAKAYA: 23 years old, she is a football coach at the Fenerbahçe sports schools and a Pilates’ trainer.
  5. ECEM ONARAN: 29 years old, Ege University's Physical Education and Sports graduate with many awards in athletics matches in Turkey, she works as a Personal Trainer.
  6. MELİSA EMİRBAYER: 24 years old, coach and athlete in swimming with many distinctions. She works as a trainer at the Göztepe Sports Club of Swimming.


  1. ATAKAN ISIKTUTAN: 25 years old, graduate of the University of Maltepe in Istanbul (finance department), he is working on Crossfit training with many distinctions in his category.
  2. YUSUF KARAKAYA: 24 years old, he is a Kickboxing professional. He lived 1, 5 years in Thailand and won the Kickboxing Championship 3 times.
  3. OKAY KÖKSAL: 31 years old, he is a wrestler with many distinctions in wrestling matches.
  4. BORA EDİN: 34 years old, married (his wife is pregnant at 3rd month), speaks French and English, loves sports and is currently a Personal Trainer at Cross Fit.
  5. HAKAN KANIK: 20 years old, he lived in America where he dealt with basketball and later with bodybuilding. He knows how to cook and is interested in professionall cooking.
  6. HİKMET TUĞSUZ: 33 years old, he studied Physical Education and loves all sports. He is a coach of wrestling with very good performance in handball, football and triathlon as well.