SURVIVOR 2019-Greece vs Turkey

The third season of the reality show in SKAI TV with many changes!

“Survivor”, the ultimate survival game that has seven EMMY awards, comes back this year for the third season in SKAI TV and will be more exciting than ever before!

The survival reality show is in the final stage of preparation and soon will be shown on TV (according to information the premiere will take place in the first 10 days of February) but this year it will have several changes compared to the previous seasons. First of all this time on the field of competitions will be confronted by Greeks and Turks. The previous groups of the "Fighters" and the "Famous" will no longer exist as the production of Acun Medya has decided to have one team of each country, namely the "red" team consisting of Turkish players and the "blue" team which will consist of Greek players. The final selection of the 14 players of each team is not yet completed, but efforts are made to choose as many equivalent players as possible to have a balance between the two competitive groups. Thus, Greek and Turkish viewers will see what is happening between the two teams both in their cohabitation and in their battles, since this time the "Survivor" show will be watched in Turkey at the same time as well. In both Turkey and Greece, 30 candidates have already been selected and very soon 14 of them will be ready to get their tickets for Saint Dominic. Another change planned by Acun Medya, the Turkish production company, is to show the game six days a week but with shorter episodes in duration than previous seasons! Also, the presenters of Survivor-3 will be four persons, namely two presenters for each country-group, including Sakis Tanimanidis and the producer of “Survivor” Acun Ilicali. Finally, another change this year is the choice of another beach in San Domenico so that the TV viewers have the opportunity to see new and different landscapes of the exotic Caribbean. The SURVIVOR show aims to be on the top of TV viewing for another season...! Stay tuned ...  for more information soon and don’t miss what is coming….


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