SURVIVOR 2019-Greece vs Turkey-Premiere

Premiere on Saturday, February 2nd at 21:00 in SKAI TV (at 20:00 in TV8)!

The premiere of Survivor 3 is coming soon, on Saturday, February 2nd, at 21:00 on SKAI TV and at 20:00 on TV8 (due to the time difference in Turkey). The ultimate survival game that has seven EMMY awards comes back this year for the third season and will be more exciting than ever before! This year the game will be played between Greece and Turkey. The previous groups of the "Fighters" and the "Famous" will no longer exist as the production of Acun Medya has decided to have one team of each country, namely the "red" team consisting of Turkish players and the "blue" team which will consist of Greek players. The show will be watched simultaneously by the Greeks (in SKAI TV) and by the Turks (in TV8). The Greek team consists of 12 players (6 men and 6 women) that according to the latest SKAI announcements in Social Media will be the following:


  1. Spyros Gourdoupis (Dr. Pips): Rapper with studies in Structural Biology
  2. Nikos Kosmas: Karate trainer and coach with significant distinctions
  3. Panagiotis Konstantinidis: Nutrition and Training Consultant
  4. Dimitris Margaritis: Former champion in decathlon and MMA trainer
  5. Kyriakos Pelekanos: Former basketball player in the Cyprus National Teen Group and personal trainer
  6. Tony Stavratis: Security for VIPs and Martial Arts athlete


  1. Dimitra Vamvakousi: Gymnastics Academy graduate, model, former champion in pole jump.
  2. Juliet Kitrinou: Photo model and actress, former 100m barrier champion.
  3. Ria Kolovou: Businesswoman, graduate of the Gymnastics Academy.
  4. Nadia Mavroudea: Personal trainer, with distinctions in karate and crossfit competitions.
  5. Aphrodite Skafida: Gymnastics trainer who has participated in two Olympic Games as an athlete in pole jump.
  6. Demi Tsaganou: Referee in football matches, graduate of the Physiotherapy School.

In Turkey, 30 candidates have already been selected but the names of the 12 players who will eventually get their tickets to Saint Dominic have not yet been officialy announced. Finally, another change this year is the choice of other islands in Saint Dominic so that the TV viewers have the opportunity to see new and different landscapes of the exotic Caribbean. Will there follow new surprises? The producer of “Survivor” Acun Ilicali is always unpredictable! Stay tuned…. for the premiere of SURVIVOR 2019 which is expected to be very exciting...



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