SURVIVOR 2019-New Concept

The survival reality show is continuing with surprising changes!

The “SURVIVOR” has proven to be the game of surprising changes ever! New players entered the game and some have left, the participants run and compete on new battlefields and for new prizes. But no one expected the big change announced recently by Sakis Tanimanides! The presenter of Survivor 2019, on the council of the island, announced recently the biggest and most important change that has happened so far in the game: "From now on, the Survivor will be played with two new mixed teams. The Survivor game between Greek team and the Turkish team is finished. The rules of the game are changing and from now on there will be two mixed teams with Greeks and Turks who will play together! It means that, the two countries will no longer compete with each other since there will no longer be a red (Turkish) and a blue (Greek) team but a black and a white one, each consisting of both Greeks and Turks.”

Let's see…. Will the new changes raise the audience rates of the survival reality-show that  were not as high as expected on this season? Stay tuned…at SKAI TV from Saturday to Thursday every evening on 20:45!


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