SURVIVOR GREECE 2021-The Party of the Union

The survival reality show is continuing with the union of the two teams

Survivor has proven any way to be the game of twists and turns and this year it has achieved a television viewing record! New players entered the game, some players have already left and the participants competed in new runs, for new prizes while many intrigues and quarrels both between the two teams and between players of the same team aroused big interest and several comments of the Survivor followers. After about 3 months of the game, the time has come for the UNION OF THE TWO TEAMS (red and blue) with the GREAT UNION PARTY where  the players will enjoy a wonderful evening with dancing, music and food that we are expected to see on Sunday 28/3 / 2021, at 21:00 on the SKAI TV-channel.

The party will be organized for all the Balkan Survivors, since both the Turks and the Romanian players will attend it! The party will also have a shine from Hollywood, as the world-famous American singer, songwriter and dancer Jason Joel Desrouleaux, better known by his stage name Jason Derulo, will sing live and entertain all Survivor players not only the Greeks, but the Turkish and Romanian players as well, while Alexander Papandreou will be the chef who will prepare the menu of this special event in Saint Dominic. Before the party, players will have the opportunity to see on scale how many pounds they lost, take a bath, take care of themselves, groom themselves and change clothes…As we have seen in previous Survivor games, a song contest will take place with Stefania Rizou (a dynamic person in the Greek pop music scene) as vocal coach. The winner of this contest will receive a big special prize.

So, the time for the two teams’ union in Survivor has arrived, with the players of the blue team being transferred to the island of the reds and a new game is actually starting….In the previous Survivor seasons after the teams were united, the players played individually. This will not happen this year! The players will continue to be in their own teams; with the difference that now they will all stay together. Only when ten players will remain for the final games, then they will compete individually. Stay tuned...on SKAI TV channel to see the new games that are expected to be more exciting than ever!