SURVIVOR GREECE 2022-The Party of the Union

The survival reality show is continuing with the union of the two teams!

After 110 days, about more than 3 months of the game, the time has come for the UNION OF THE TWO TEAMS (red and blue) with the coveted GREAT UNION PARTY where the players enjoyed a wonderful evening with dancing, music and good food. The Party of the Union was broadcasted on SKAI TV-channel on Saturday 16/4/2022, at 21:00. Before the party, for the first time in almost four months, the players took a bath, shaved, cut their hair, groomed themselves, dressed in beautiful, clean clothes and became so different that George Lianos, the presenter of the game, was impressed with their new image! Then the players of both teams went for a ride in luxury, old and beautiful cars. Of course, the party could not miss the good food and Alexandros Papandreou was the chef who prepared the menu of this special night in Saint Dominic. As in previous Survivors, a song contest took place, where all the players went to the stage, performed a favorite song while the rest rated their performance. Also, the winner of last year's Survivor song contest, Nikoleta Mavridi, came to the party with the song which gave her the prize last year. Spyros Martikas, the professor of Survivor, singing “Bella Ciao” won the song contest while in the second place came Vrissida Andrioti who sang "Lighthouse in Folegandros". Before the end, Nikos Kourkoulis, the famous Greek singer, came to the party and sang his great hits “setting fire" to the track.

So, the time for the two teams’ union in Survivor has arrived, with the players of the red team being transferred to the island of the blue team and a new game is actually starting…The players will continue to be in their own teams; with the difference that now they will all stay together. Only when ten players will remain for the final games, then they will compete individually. Stay tuned...on SKAI TV channel to see the new games that are expected to be more exciting than ever!