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Vourvourou is a tourist resort which is located in the northeastern part of Sithonia, in Halkidiki, and is about 110 km from Thessaloniki far away. It is a place harmonized with the unique beauty of the region which is flanked by lands with pine trees, sandy coasts and magnificent exotic beaches with blue-green and calm water. It is a destination that you should definitely visit! Vourvourou is a family-loved location that offers various images and relaxes the visitor with its natural peace. Besides the clear blue waters and the fresh fishes you can taste at the typical Greek taverns, one of the chances offered to the visitor is the boat ride to the nine islands of Vourvourou which are located across its bay and to Diaporos, the largest of them. There you can see the clearest waters of the Mediterranean Sea and discover the virgin beauty of some of the most isolated beaches of Halkidiki, as the hidden beaches of Diaporos Island, the Myrsini Beach and the Blue Lagoon. Cruising to the Vourvourou bunch of isles is a “must”, suggested by all tourist guides and it is by far, one of the most exciting experiences one may live during his vacations…Therefore...Rent a Boat in Vourvourou!

Thalassa Boat Rental is a family business, located in Vourvourou. Their people want to provide high quality service, building relationships of trust and security with their clients. They make sure you get fully equipped and ready to go a boat trip, so they take care of every little detail in order for you to have a pleasant and unforgettable cruise. Their boats can very comfortably accommodate up to five people and you will find plenty of space in them which provides comfort and makes it easy to move around. You will also find storage space and sun protection using the roll bar shade system. There’s also a lader making getting on and off board easy for everybody.

All of you who would like to enjoy the crystal clear water of Vourvourou, be in direct contact with the sea, discover new deserted beaches, have fun with your friends and/or family, rent a boat from Thalassa Boat Rental and live the unique experience of driving a boat without a license (no license required)!So get on board….and let the adventure begin! Live the experience…let the sea set you free…and make memories to last a lifetime…


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