THASSOS Island-The Emerald of the Aegean

Greece » Thassos

THASSOS, "the emerald of the Aegean", "the green diamond", "the blue-green paradise", "the island of the Sirens" ...all these and many others are the names given on this island by its visitors and all of these respond to reality without any exaggeration. Thassos is an island full of green, surrounded by dreamy beaches where the turquoise color of the sea, the greens of the pine-trees, the golden hues of the sandy beaches and the blue sky make a combination of an incomparable charm which cannot fail attracting you. The options that Thassos offers you are as many as its colors.

This island is rich in history, rich in culture, rich in landscapes and rich in hospitality. It is full of folk traditions, historical sites and ancient monuments, which are all items of a rich cultural heritage. Nature has generously offered its beauties on Thassos that is one of the few Greek islands that has its own fresh water and is covered with so many trees, green pine trees and olive groves. It is a place to call home. On this island of North Aegean you will enjoy the hospitality of excellent five-star hotels, boutique hotels and villas or of just simple rooms and furnished apartments, you will sample local delicacies in the villages, hike the trails, swim and relax in beaches of ecstatic beauty and make activities that will take off your vacation.  If you are a nature enthusiast, a water sports lover or if you just want to taste the good life, Thassos is your own emerald "shelter".

You will probably run out of stamina before Thasos runs out of beaches: Chrysi Akti, Chrysi Ammoudia, Agios Antonios, Alykes, Trypiti, Skala Potamias, Paralia Limena, Pefkari, Skala Rahoiou, Gkiola, Saliara or Marble beach, as the enamored foreign tourists call it, all combine the azure of the sea, pale or golden sand and enchantingly verdant  backdrops.

Seaside café-bars and beach bars, traditional restaurants, fish taverns, luxury yachts or sailing boats- offering day cruises around the island- and all kind of water sports are next to you to make your experience on the island just perfect. Thassos is an ideal island for those who are looking for tranquility and beautiful natural surroundings, but it also has livelier places, many touristic beaches, cosmopolitan resorts and quite intense nightlife. This island is one of the best choices for your summer holidays in Greece as it is a turquoise paradise with authentic scenery, with pine and honey scents everywhere and gastronomy that accompanies your every step... No matter your budget, Thasos will more than satisfy you and it’s sure that if you visit it once you would definitely go back to. Treat yourself to a truly unique and unforgettable holiday in Greece… Go Thassos!