Who are the finalists and who is the Winner of this year's Survivor Reality Show?

Greece » Athens

"SURVIVOR GREECE 2024" came to its end with the grand finale taking place at Alsos Galatsiou in Athens. The Final for the selection of the winner of the trophy and the cash prize of 100,000 EUR was broadcast live on Wednesday 26 June 2024 on SKAI channel. Giorgos Lianos welcomed on Wednesday night (26/06) the three finalists of the Survivor Final: Katerina Dalaka, Fanis Boletsis and Daniel Nurka. For more than six months, we watched the players of the Survivor reality show, their life in the hut, on the beach of the island, the difficult days they had without meeting basic needs and of course the demanding games, whose victory brought to the teams immunities and food prizes. The ultimate survival game, with seven EMMY awards, has written its end for this season, while the claiming of the prize was done in a different way than the other years. This year, for the first time, the winner of Survivor emerged, not by public vote, but by purely competitive criteria, since a battle arena was set up in Alsos Galatsiou with expensive facilities simulating those of Saint Dominic. In the semi-final, 4 players competed while the procedures had a high degree of difficulty. The three finalists qualified for the Final, after the fierce duels of the Semi-Final that took place the night before, through a series of complex events that required various skills (speed, endurance, strength, thinking, etc.)….In addition to the relatives, friends and fans of the finalists, all the former players of this year's Survivor game were also present at the Survivor 2024 Final.

Daniel Nurka, making the big upset, was the big winner of Survivor 2024 winning the Gold Prize of 100,000 EUR! Daniel Nurka prevailed over Fanis Boletsis and Katerina Dalaka who were the other two finalists, who had managed to reach this year's Final and were considered the two favorites. CONGRATULATIONS to this year's winner of Survivor Greece 2024! We think he deserved it because he is characterized by ethos and competitiveness and he fought hard until the end with passion and concentration!