Where and when is the Finale and who are the finalists?

Greece » Athens

A few days remain until the grand finale of "SURVIVOR 2021". For more than seven months, we watched the players of the Survivor reality show, their life in the hut, on the beach, the difficult days they had without meeting basic needs and of course the demanding games, whose victory brought food prizes to the teams. "SURVIVOR ", the ultimate survival reality game with seven EMMY awards, is coming to the end for this year as only a few days remain until its Big Final!

The four Survivors that remained after the last one who left the game are: Marialena Roumelioti, Sakis Katsoulis, Elias Bogdanos and George Koromi or Koro. After the qualifying matches that will end on 30/6, the two Survivors who will have the best performance will go straight to the semifinals. The other two will be put to a vote by the television audience on Wednesday 30/6. The players are counting down their days on the beach of Agios Dominikos and the finale of Survivor 4 will be written in Greece.

After the selection of the three finalists, the reality show will be transferred to the Galatsi Theater, in Athens, where on Sunday, July 4, we will watch live the grand semifinal and on Monday, July 5, the grand finale with the big winner who will receive the prize of 100,000 EURStay tuned...on your screens to watch live from Athens the BIG FINAL of SURVIVOR 4-GREECE on SKAI-TV! Congratulations to all finalists Survivors and GOOD LUCK! Let's see who will be the "One" who will win the Big Prize!


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