The Law of Success

Napoleon Hill

"Teaching for the first time in the history of the world, the true philosophy upon which all personal success is built. ''

The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill, nearly a century after the first edition (1928), is the major and most comprehensive book discussing personal development. In its two volumes and 16 chapters (.lessons), the author describes and analyzes all the eternal Principles and Values every man should have in his life as an asset.

For the author, success does not pertain exclusively to a professional level - money of course is welcomed – but whoever is strictly limited to this goal will lose much of the deeper meaning of his philosophy. The philosophy of achieving, in pursuit of self-awareness, magic and adventure

The Law of Success, which caused considerable impression and gave hope during the global economic recession (1929), is still a salable book worldwide, and has been influencing millions of readers and most of the authors keen on this kind of thoughts. 

Now, The Law Of Success Publishing with great pleasure and honor, resents this astounding piece of work by Napoleon Hill for the first time in Greek.



I first had the chance to learn about the book and meet the world of Napoleon Hills philosophy thanks to a conversation I had with a partner, an autumn evening some years ago. Although I had already studied many similar books on personal development, the Law of Success intensely intrigued and enchanted with the simple, true and eternal principles of success that presents and analyzes. I am honored and I am especially delighted to present this important book for the first time to the Greek public, keeping actually its original authentic form, as it was first released about one hundred years ago.

With this edition I intend to share with the Greek reader Napoleon Hills philosophy on success - in a broader sense. My desire is to impart the knowledge delivered in this book so that all of us build up a vision for a more practical and positive attitude to life, especially in todays difficult times, when we need this knowledge more than anything else. I fervently wish that this book would be the cause for self-awareness as well as the beginning of a long and adventurous journey on the route to success.

Dimitris Mitsopoulos