The small island Vido in Corfu-do you know it?

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You don’t need much to love it… It’s enough to visit it!

The small Vido Island is located opposite the city of Corfu, 1.200 meters from the Old Port far away.  It covers an area of 538.000 sqm and is a real paradise. It owes its name to one of its owners, Guido Malipieri. The island was given the name and not the surname of the owner and was paraphrased from Guido to Vido. In the past, the island was known as “Ptichia”, “Agios Stefanos” and “the Island of Peace”. Today it belongs to the Municipality of Corfu that is responsible for the island’s protection and cares for its maintenance and the improvement of its infrastructure. To reach Vido, you have to take a boat from the Old Port of Corfu, which runs regularly (every half an hour) or use a private boat. You can be there in about 10 minutes.  Apart from its unique beauty, the island has also a great history. On the island you can see the historic church of Agios Stefanos (St. Stephen) and the monument of Serbian Military (Serbian Mausoleum) erected by the Serbian government.

The island of Vido is not known in many people but it is the most favorite recreation place of Corfu as it is in such a small distance and combines beautiful nature and clean sea. In the north side of Vido’s harbor is an old   building complex that has been repaired and restored and now provides facilities for the Municipal Camps of Corfu, an international camping center, where a lot of children, from Greece and abroad, is being hosted each year, from early July to late August.

On Vido you can find now a bar-restaurant, a canteen, sanitary facilities, a dispensary, an organized beach and many amazing paths for walking around the natural beauties of the island. The romantic atmosphere and the uniqueness of this small island attract many young couples who choose to do there both the ceremony and their wedding party.

If you are in Corfu ... don’t miss to visit this little paradise ... it will be an unforgettable experience for you!


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